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A Reputation for Excellence

As trusted legal counsel for over 30 years, Stilp Business Law P.C. represents businesses, professionals, and entrepreneurs. We provide creative transactional and litigation strategies and help clients successfully resolve their real estate and business issues.

We take pride in being a passionate and interested advocate, taking the time to learn the aspects of our clients’ businesses to help them plan for the unexpected, avoid errors and protect the bottom line.

Our track record shows we get things done. We have conducted over 150 trials representing clients in start-ups, finance, real estate, and manufacturing industries.

Our philosophy:

“Stilp Business Law P.C. is committed to providing you with first class legal services with a personal interest in your legal matters.”

Meet Our Legal Team

Stilp Business Law P.C. built a sterling reputation by getting things done.
Thomas Stilp
Senior partner

The Business Lawyers

At Stilp Business Law P.C. we’re known as “The Business Lawyers.” The clients who come back to us again and again are small to mid-size businesses. Serving these businesses is our core competency.

Our Mission

To be the best place for the best people to work. To be victorious litigators, successful negotiators, and wise counselors for the clients we serve.


We’ve become one of the preeminent legal boutiques in the Midwest by creating a culture of connectedness with our clients, our attorneys, and our employees. We’ve achieved this through the 3-C’s of practice — Charisma, Competence, and Caring — and following the best traditions of the most prominent firms in the profession.


People with charisma exude a sense of presence and confidence that is coveted by those who lack it. Although some are born with it, most of us must work to acquire it. Charismatic leaders seek first to understand, then to be understood. Charisma attracts clients and, in the courtroom, jurors and judges are persuaded by it.


Competent lawyers are constantly learning, inquiring, and creating anew. Lawyers best demonstrate competence when they present a thoroughly prepared case. We work hard to exhibit our competence and make it clear to all that we are lawyers who really care and do our best.


For us, it’s about more than the bottom line. Lawyers who care have no difficulty helping people. The best way to know what people want is to ask them. Clients place their trust in us. And judges and jurors see that trust and want to do what is right for our clients.

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Our Areas Of Expertise

The following are fields of Business Law in which we have exceptional experience.
Business Litigation

Receive comprehensive case strategies and cost-efficient results

Corporate Law

Essential advice on legal rights and commercial transactions

Creditors Rights

Assisting creditors collect money owed

Real Estate

Avoid legal issues and complications


Trusted experts on coverage disputes


Navigate the unique complexities startups face

Estate Planning & Trusts

Prepare your business and your family for the future

Employment Law

Making the complex simple to obtain the best result for our clients

Intellectual Property

Protection and peace of mind on intellectual property matters

Why Our Firm is Right for You

Stilp Business Law P.C. vigorously and efficiently works to handle legal matters for clients. The Stilp team offers high-caliber legal representation with a practice designed to cater to clients’ individual needs. While most law firms are over-worked and tend to over-promise on what they can deliver, Stilp Business Law P.C. prefers a more manageable caseload to ensure each and every case gets the attention it deserves. Contact Stilp Business Law P.C. today to learn more.

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